General Design Price List
(Subject to change, depending on the client and use) (If you are a nonprofit
organization, please contact us for pricing)
Custom Logos
Designed from scratch, or
cleaned up for further use,
in print or on the web.
$50.00 per Logo
Business Card Design
Designed using your
current print ready logo.
An additional charge will be
necessary, should the logo
be unclear and in need of
cleaning up before printing.
$75.00 per
business card design
Business Card Design with a
custom designed logo
A custom logo will be
designed and incorporated
into a business card.
$100.00 per
business card design.
Suitable for ads, either in
print or on the web.
$25.00 per Clipart
Custom Backgrounds
For use behind your web
page, based on the
company logo or theme.
$50.00 per Background
Logo Samples
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